Monday, 2 March 2009

Friday and Saturday night.

Liam and I hadn't hung out properly for a while so he planned a lovely date. We drove to Polyjoke Beach and walked up the cliff in almost pitch blackness, then he suprised me with a lovely picnic! It was lovely to have our own space and then that's when he asked me if I'd marry him! So I said yes!

Saturday night
Ros had a Black and white theme retirement do. So of course Liam and I geeked it up. I borrowed One of India's dresses and some heels and pulled out my brilliant glasses. Liam looks dashing in a shirt and one of my old big snuggly cardigans with another pair of charity shop specs! It was a really fun evening and we won the quiz! It's a shame I didn't get any more pictures of the actual party!

Hunkle Jess thought he'd try out my look!

walking home afterwards...


  1. oh you two are just too cute ! you make me smile !

  2. hehe, thankyou. I think Liam looks smashing! He should dress like this more often! We had a lot of fun that night! xo