Friday, 27 March 2009

holly bunce living healthy.

yum yum yum. My lunch today was poached egg and lettuce from the allotement.
I used to hate Coleslaw but now it is my total favourite, I can't get enough!

I failed my assessment on Wednesday. They were so horrible and made me hate foundation EVEN more! I have to do lots and lots of work in a week. I CAN do it, but I reAAlly don't want to. But here's me having a go. Outsider project: take 2

I also have to do this ridiculously huge essay about my visit to the Hayward to see Annette Messager. At least it was an amazing exhibition! So here is me, trying to concentrate. I'm pretty bad at this.

Liam made me these shelves. I love them. I've turned the bottom one into a clothes hanger! I have too many dresses to fit in my wardrobe!!

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