Friday, 13 March 2009


It was my birthday on Wednesday, so I've been 19 years old for two days. It doesn't feel great. I am tired and my birthday didn't feel like it was my birthday. It was rushed and busy. I didn't feel special.
I did get some lovely gifts though. Including my lovely celtic sheepskin boots from Liam. They are so warm and comfy. and India made me an amazing bird she made.
Today Ruby and Ma have gone to Woking. I kind of wish I was going after having such a fabulous time last weekend. But I have my interview on Tuesday, so too much work to do! I didn't get to see Hannah really at all though. But she's coming to stay next weekend. For my birthday / Engagement party. It's fancy dress. I'm going to go as puss in boots. Or maybe just Puss. :)
I'm making lots of foetus today for my project. I've loved really getting into my art. I also got my shoes in the post. they are lovely red ones. But two sizes way too small! :( It's such a shame!

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