Friday, 19 June 2009


I've been extremely slack on posting recently. I've had a hectic two weeks, not only am I readying my exhibition, Hannah came to stay last week, then Josh this week.
Hannah works at the weekends, so is unable to make it down for my hen night, so she came for three days to do hen stuff. We'd wanting to go to a lovely spa on the cliffs that give you free delicious cream teas and spoil you all day long, but sadly they were booking up not even any spaces for two small girlies! So instead we decided we'd spoil ourselves at this fabulous restaurant, a few cliffs over. We stayed for nearly three hours, eat had three courses and felt so stuffed we had to waddle home and lie in the sunshine for the rest of the day!

The wedding is in three weeks on Saturday, so we've been rushing to finish things off, here we trawl through magazines for ideas on how to all wear our hair. I've got 6 bridesmaids, My sisters; India, Ruby, Minnie, Scarlett; Liam's sister, Emily and Hannah and they all have very different hair cuts! But I think I have it sussed now.

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