Saturday, 19 December 2009


Everything has been very, VERY busy lately, and I've had no time for blogging, or even taking photographs! I worked like mad for a christmas craft fair that Alice held. It was a wonderful day, her brother Will came down to help and he is a fantastic chef so we were fed very well throughout the day! I sold lots of brooches and hair bows and gift tags. I also made a few needle books, journals, some mushroom decorations and other bits and bobs which mostly went as well. And since that I've been heads down making christmas gifts!
Winter has really excited me, our house is slowly getting more an more christmassy. And yesterday it even snowed a little! We're a little annoyed that we haven't taken enough time out for more frosty walks.
More family news is that the beautiful Rose Burfoot has been born (still thinking up a middle name). Our gorgeous friends Jo and Anna gave birth to her last Friday morning. Isn't she perfect? We love her!

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