Monday, 8 February 2010

wonderful things

Last week I visited a lovely little 'studio sale' an old woman was holding. I stumbled upon it just by chance, Grace and I had popped over to a little village to visit the thrift shop when we noticed a small sign in a window. The lady had moved into town and wanted a studio that was closer to her, and decided to have a bit of a clear out before the move. Inside she was selling all sorts of things: artwork, textiles, lace, buttons, art supplies and books, bags, clothes and even a sink! I picked up some lovely lace, buttons and a scarf and this wonderful box
It originally held a wedding dress for Mrs Blatchford, bought in the 1920's. I wish the old lady hadn't decided to sell that on eBay, but I am glad she kept the box.
I just love this label with the address and beautiful calligraphy.
I decided it would be a perfect box for holding all my lace fabrics and ribbons. While filling it, I noticed how little lace I have left, so much was used over christmas! So I'm out on the search for some more pretties.
Here is a little needle book I made for India's 18th birthday on Wednesday.

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