Friday, 14 May 2010


I've been very absent the last few weeks/months. We haven't got internet at the moment and I'm been working loads (I found a temporary job working in a little shop right on the beach). Also, we are trying to build a blessed conservatory before the summer comes (our part of the deal for such cheap rent), and we've just found a new place to move the first of August, so we have even less time to do it. I say we, but I haven't contributed much from it, I'd aim at helping but after half an hour or so, I tire, and rest in the sunshine. The weather has been glorious the last few days. I've even sat outside the shop and soaked in a little of the sun!

The best thing about sunshine is that the house is warmer, we no longer need to wrap ourselves in blankets and curl together around a radiator.

Actually, thats the second best thing, my favourite is that I can garden! I've become just like my mother, together we go to grandma's for tips about what composts to use for blueberrys, taking over her gorgeous potting shed to plant peas, sweet corn and courgette. Even Liams getting green fingers, we have passes to the eden project as it's real close to us, and when we visited last he was writing a list of all the things we should grow, and we've just ordered three gardening books from amazon. I'm really excited, I'll give them a read then if they're good I'll give them a little review for you.

Are any of you into your gardening? Are you growing anything this summer? I'd love to hear, and exchange some personal tips!

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  1. Love gardening (and your blog)! Intrigued to hear which books you'll be reviewing ... Fx