Monday, 18 October 2010

head down

I'm so tired and overwhelmed at the moment. Life is speeding along, and I feel vulnerable and weak. We both have so much on it seems that we have no time to just relax and be silly. I was really worried that Liam was taking on too much work, and he would be ill like last year (three months of on-off illness until christmas day, we were so unwell we couldn't do anything), but in fact it's me who's sick. I've got a pounding headache, and i'm all blocked up, my head feels close to explosion. I'm also experiencing something new, my ears are clicking, like ALL the time. little clicky pops. At first I thought it was fun, but now it's been a day of it constantly, It's driving me pretty mad. And I had planned to plant our leeks in the garden today, and walk over to the river, to pick pears that overhang out of someones garden and into the road. Each day I leave it, I fear they will be spotted by a fellow greedy guts.
There is a hero in this story, my wonderful Liam. He's graciously making me a delicious thai curry, with our bargain prawns that must be consumed today. There were a few things that were needed which we didn't have so he popped over the road, to our favourite home from home, Aldi. Way over an hour later he returned (I even called him to see if he was ok, in my fragile state I feared he'd been kidnapped -seriously, I actually thought this.) He had tried every supermarket in town looking for lemongrass. To no avail. It's official, Newquay doesn't sell anything slightly oriental (not including the lovely chinese takeaway out the back of our flat). And now he is at work, grating ginger, blending coconut milk, chopping coriander. What a gem.

Once I'm better, I'm going to try and get my head down, and draw until it looks as good as it used to. I'm afraid that with all my camera clicking, I've lost the way to see paired with a pencil. I'm going to sew too. And I will always be knitting....

These were taken on saturday morning, before finding some adorable little cardboard hats in the weird charity shop, where we were almost mauled to death by a dog definitely with rabies, and scabies. 

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