Thursday, 18 November 2010

A brief trip to oxford

Brief indeed! We (India, my mama and I) left at 5am to drive up to oxford, then walked around for a few hours, then got back on the park and ride, and headed home.
However, there was a point to this excursion. India was handing in her portfolio to the University. (If you haven't checked out her blog already, do so here. There is no way she wont get in for not being good enough!)
I had never been to Oxford before, and we were in awe of the architecture. All the buildings are old yellow stone, with beautiful ornate details. I took millions of pictures, but decided not to bore you with them all! I really loved walking through the cobbled streets, taking in the fabulous surroundings. And possibly better than the buildings, were the fact that EVERYBODY cycled! Attached to every fence was bike after bike. And I love cycling and cyclists. I am pretty jealous of Indie potentially getting to move there. It's gorgeous!

Apologies for taking a whole week to sort these photo's out, we're ill again. But it's actually been really nice. Liam's been off work with chest infection, so I've been tending to him like a good wife should. making him soup and chocolate banana cake. We have pretty much spent the last two days sat on the sofa, knitting and watching C.S.I on tv shack. It's been perfect! What more could anyone want?!


  1. so happy you liked it, it really is like its own wonderful little bubble of a world... you only realize it when you leave it.... best of luck to india!

  2. these are such amazing photos!
    i'm envious of your adventures! x x