Saturday, 21 January 2012


My incredibly talented friend Elizabeth Loveday Birchley has finally made herself a site to display a few pieces of her work. We studied art at college together and I miss working beside her so much. She stitches these illustrations with layers of fabric and thread. You may remember she made us this for a wedding present, one of our most treasured possessions. Please go and check out her site here, and hopefully she will be encouraged to keep uploading these beautiful images!
Sometimes I really miss the routine of art lessons, of having time set aside I had to work. Being self motivated is the hardest thing. Before I know it a whole morning has passed and I feel as though all I've done is sharpen my pencils. I really need to work on this. Also I lack the enthusiasm that comes with working beside other similar-thinking, arty people. Elizabeth, Lally and I would spend all our time in the art rooms, bouncing ideas off of each other and working side-by-side. One day I'd love to share a studio space with them or at least some similarly creative and wonderful girlies. But for now, I must press on and try my best.
What are the best ways that help keep you motivated and productive?

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  1. I agree that community can really help breed good arty stuff. I'm actively trying to pursue this. My heart is definitely pro- cooperative. A small committed gaggle of girls who could motivate each other on to producing and promoting their wares...who knows?!....Love Grace x