Wednesday, 18 January 2012


More photo's from the summer film. One day, we (India, Ruby, Phaedra and myself) spent the afternoon making doughnuts. They were soooo delicious. But took a long time and didn't last very long at all! Just looking at these pictures are making me hungry. I definitely think we should make these again soon... only maybe a few more! mmmmmm


  1. oh my Holzzz! So jealous of these yummeee looking doughnuts! Are they really hard to make? I definitely fancy making some now xxx

    1. Oh Lalz, they are delishhhhh!!!! they're pretty easy, but take a long time and quite a faff and I would definitely try to create a big batch to make it feel worthwhile. But its the perfect treat! I can ask India what recipe we used but I'm sure you can find a basic one on the internet which may even be better!
      Hope it goes well! Love you lots xx

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