Monday, 27 February 2012


A few weeks ago we had a road trip around Britain, with our destination being Edinburgh to see my sissie, India. Sadly on the last bit of journey from Leeds, we decided to turn off the motorway to see Newcastle's Angel of the North, and we broke down. After almost three hours, we were towed into Edinburgh and arrived, exhausted. We then had only two days in Scotland where we celebrated India's birthday, visited various vintage shops and walked around the city. We were given a tour of the Universities art rooms one evening where we got to spy on the students work. I love the atmosphere in messy art studios. 
After quite a hectic weekend where we discovered the car wouldn't be fixed in time for us to get back for our Grandma's funeral, we had an emergency midnight visit to the hospital (Babe and I were fine- just a spot of food poisoning), I lost my purse, and then they issued severe weather warnings all up the country, we miraculously made it home on Sunday evening in a hire car. I needed about a week to recover from it all!
Despite all this aggro, we loved what we saw of Edinburgh and we've already began planning our next trip up there, where we will fly up in an hour (rather than 7 or so driving!) and plan to stay much longer so we can get more of a feel for the place, and visit a bit more. It's weird to think there will be three of us then!


  1. aww Holly ! I am sad you had such a stressy visit but hopefully you will visit again soon. I love these pics, they make me think of collage and all the mess we created haha XX

  2. What a stress! So glad you are all ok now though x