Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Time is whizzing by, and I can't believe its almost two weeks sense my birthday weekend.
I had such a magical time, full of surprises and treats. It began with a trip to a cafe on the Boating lake with Mama, my Auntie and Grandpa. We ate chocolate cake and cream tea to celebrate my birthday early.
Then of course, my sister; India came home as such a fabulous surprise that everybody was in on, except me! Liam and I popped into my parents for lunch and after a little while, they told me a present was waiting for my in living room, and there was Indie! On Saturday, Liam cooked a few of us a delicious meal of Lamb with vegetables and olives, alongside some delicious olive and sun dried tomato bread (which I will definitely be asking him to bake again... mmmm!)

My actual birthday was on Sunday and after breakfast in bed and church, we lay in the sun eating some birthday chocolates and reading some of my new books, before heading to my parents for a big roast. It was an extra special weekend because Liam had planned everything. I didn't even think I would be doing anything until the Friday. I'm so looking to when the baby comes and my head is so busy I had almost forgotten about it all together.
My iPhone camera is playing up again so I hardly took any photographs of the weekend, but thankfully  my wonderful sissies (1, 2, 3 and 4!) did, so I have pinched a few!

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