Tuesday, 26 June 2012

That dad of ours

A couple of weeks ago, it was my Dad's birthday. We had a relaxed day with a big family breakfast then an impromptu trip to his favourite beach, before all splitting off to sort out various arrangements for his birthday dinner. Scarlett and I had spent the previous day gathering wild plants for the table, so we bundled them up into a few jars and bottles and lit some candles. Pictures of Dad through the ages were set on the mantlepiece along with his first ever oil painting, circa '72 (isn't it fabulous?).
It was such a magical evening of amazing food (cooked by middle sister, Ruby) and family with a few select friends, all gathered together to celebrate 50 years of his life. 

That dad of ours is great. He's brilliant, honest, funny, loveable, creative and has such great faith. If it's broke, he'll fix it. For dad, it's always time for Aga toast and tea, and throughout our teens (and beyond) we've taken that invitation as the only way to end a night out with friends. And if we're lucky, he's just baked a fresh loaf and boy, are we in for a treat! He makes people feel comfortable and for that, people really love him. His devotion for my mum and us girls is inspiring, he's a great dad, and now he's a superb grandfather.

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