Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What not to wear to the rainforest.

On Saturday we took Liam's mumsy over to the Eden Project. We went into the rainforest biome for the first time in ages, and we'd forgotten quite how hot its gets in there! Stupidly I was only wearing my new angora wool jumper. I had picked it up at the car boot for £1 and now I can see why someone was getting rid of it. White fluff everywhere. Any ideas of how to resolve this problem? Is this even possible or is the jumper a lost cause?
Vegetable envy!
While we were jealously eyeing up the tropical allotments lush growth, we were greeted by an equally sweaty India and Josh. Together we all rushed through the rest of the Biome and gratefully stepped back out into the cool British summer, aka, grey skies and drizzle. I'm much more at home in this climate. We may not be able to grow luscious aubergines, have hibiscus plants in our back gardens, and our tomatoes may be weenie, but I'd rather keep my coats out all year round than sweat my brains out all summer long! And as you can see, I think Queenie agree's with me on this one! Anyway, aren't these English roses beautiful?


  1. i can imagine that you were pretty uncomfortable but that angora sweater looks wonderful on you!

  2. queen looks s funny in that photo hahah