Thursday, 14 February 2013

A day of love hugs an kisses.

Happy Valentines! I hope you've had a wonderful day!

The three of us had a couple of hours together before Liam had to leave for work. Queenie and I then went for a long walk and gathered some flowers for a valentines meal we held tonight. Liam had to go away straight after work for a couple days, so my youngest sisters and I planned a dinner at ours so I wouldn't feel lonesome.
I rather think its obligatory to eat either heart shaped or romantic hued foods on Valentines day. And if you can get both, that's perfect! We had beetroot gnocchi which was a nightmare to make, and looked pretty revolting but it was delicious with some fresh pesto and salad. Papa baked a heart shaped loaf (which I'm tucking into now with raspberry and cranberry Jam. mmmmm - how am I still hungry?!) For pudding I made a scrumptious cake. Earl grey with a rhubarb icing. yum yum yum yumm! It was such a special evening. The kitchen was decked in candles and flowers and Minnie put on some gorgeous music. I wore a pretty frock and felt like a human for once!
Queenie has been pretty difficult since being ill. She wants me all the time. She wakes up crying every couple of hours at night and wont settle again. I'm exhausted. I've been feeling quite fragile and emotional about being a good mother (also a little nervous because Liams got a new job-yay! but also boo- he'll have training and only be home at the weekends for nine weeks!)
But I looked over at her this afternoon at lunch and it all disappears. I thought oh boy, I love her more than ever before. I mean ahhh just look at these pictures, she's gorgeous, right?!
This morning in bed we sat together and read Queenie's favourite book, Hug. She insist on reading it over and over, turning the pages her self and flapping her arms with excitement at each new page. Between the pages I hid a teeny valentines card for her, which she actually spent time looking at. After the final time of reading it she turned to me and said 'huuuuh' and leant into me. I know it was probably just a complete coincidence but it was just what I needed after another terrible night. I melted, gee, talk about looove. Queenie Valentine we seriously love you! 
This is the first valentines I've really appreciated anything beyond love of a guy (or the broken hearted moping of a teenager!) I realised how much has really changed. Things have been so whirlwind that I haven't actually sat down and appreciated the difference that Queenie has made in my heart. Not just with her, but my appreciation of family has doubled. I've come to realise how wonderful my parents are as well.

I'm besotted. 
Anyway, enough gushy stuff for now. Tomorrow I will TRY and post up some of our edinburgh best bits. ta ra!

kiss kiss kiss

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