Saturday, 23 February 2013

Nice places in Edinburgh.

I want to state outright that this is by no means a city guide of Edinburgh. We have visited just a smidgen of the sites and because of Queenie feeling so down in the dumps, we really saw very little.
However we did visit a couple of really sweet places which I would thoroughly recommend if you are ever in Eddy.

First up, Lovecrumbs. Situated right near Edinburgh College of Arts, it is buzzing with students. Everything about this place was wonderful. It was decked out exactly the way I would like to have our house; Grey walls, old wooden furniture, antique china and cutlery, huge plants and plenty of delicious cake! And when I say delicious, mmmmmmm, oh wow.
The ladies working in there were super friendly too and even though we came in flustered and completely bedraggled from the wind and rain with a very grumpy baby in need of a change and feed, they sorted us out somewhere to sit and guided Liam to the bathroom to sort Queenie out. (We would recommend if with a wee one of your own, avoid the busier lunch time, so you feel a little less inconvenient in such a cool student hang-out!)
They apparently serve fabulous coffee but we just had tea and apple juice (India said the earl grey was scrumptious). We had a slice of chocolate fudge cake, salted chocolate tart (the best!) and a brownie. And Queenie had a parmesan scone. They were all great. I kinda wish that I had tried the coconut and white chocolate cake. Ohhhh, I'm getting hungry... I love cake. And if you do too, you can't give this place a miss.
They also sell yummy treats to take home. Liam and I bought some amazing Jam. Cranberry and Raspberry, I can't get enough of it! 

And second up, The Chocolate Tree. This place is aaaaall about chocolate. Thankfully, India booked the little back room because we were going with all her flat mates so would never have gotten a table otherwise. This place is popular! You can't visit and not try the Spanish Chocolate and churros. India and her friends said that would more than fill us up, but we are obviously piggies because we also went for cake. A slice of Pear and Pecan tart for me and Liam had a scrummy chocolate cherry tart, both were great. They messed up one of our orders a little so also bought us a plate of macaroons. The chocolate tree is perfect for an indulgent treat on a cold day.

Other places we would recommend:
Armstrong's are a vintage company with three stores across Edinburgh. Check out their Website for more info. I picked up a few gorgeous dresses for Queenie and that were in the sale. I love going to have a nosey around. they're full to the brim of beautiful pieces. And you can often grab a real bargain. The only shame is that the antique dresses hanging above aren't for sale. I had my eye on a couple for my sisters prom dress, ah well!
Bollywood: the coffee box. On the corner of the Meadows sits a little blue box, and from it Nutan Bala serves coffee and curry that she somehow cooks in this teeny space. We walked past a handful of times this year and last, but always at night so missed seeing it open, then finally, rushing to pick up Josh from the airport, it's open. And we have no time to sample some of her food or drink. I hear good things though and we always walked past with a giggle after reading her pun of the day. Read this write up from the List.
Well, there you go! Our best bits! xx

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