Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Still here

Sorry all, we are still here. Just very busy.
We have two more nights of living in the Garden Flat. I have mixed feelings. It's exciting to be moving into a bigger space, but I'm sad to be leaving such a beautiful little flat. The place where we made wonderful memories. This is the home where Queenie was conceived and then brought home as a soft, small bundle, fragile in our clumsy arms. We became a family, my heart grew big and proud. Those first few weeks, we lay in bed together and battled through the start of breastfeeding, the proudest thing I've ever accomplished, encouraging me to train as a breastfeeding peer supporter last autumn. We've hosted parties in our lovely kitchen, welcomed friends and family around for food, films and games. We grew modest plants on the windowsill, herbs and flowers. I fell in love with painting, and Liam played his banjo, and borrowed a guitar for a while. I love hearing him play while I cooked dinner. Too much time was spent watching murder mysteries, snuggled up together on our lumpy green sofa. We have had so much fun here. It hurts to think that Queenie wont remember this home, the place her life began.

We decided to move because felt we were growing out of this home, Queenie needs her own space, and we're tired of all the noise coming up from our neighbours upstairs. After months of house visits, we think we may have found somewhere. It's not perfect, but there's something about it I quite took to. It's a house, with a garden, a little more space and most importantly, a bath. It's grown up though, and I'm a bit spooked. Life is speeding up very quickly and I can't process it.
I'm hoping things will be a little clearer when I'm not knee-deep in cardboard boxes and when Liam is home from all this bleedin' training. I miss him so much.

I will be catching up with the 52 posts as soon as I can. Just thought I'd pop in to let you all know I've not deserted this little space.

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  1. Moving is always a mixed bag of emotions. I know when I left my last flat I was initially so excited and then day came and I was so so sad. Its taught me to appreciate the precious moments in each place and live more in the present. Sometimes I look around my current flat and think 'ahh so much mould, its so cold, whyyYY!!' but I'm trying to get in the habit of taking pleasure in the good bits and dwelling less on the bad things!! Good luck with your move I hope it goes smoothly and all three of you settle in to your new home quickly. lots of love xxx