Friday, 10 May 2013

Gazing out

I'm sat on the sofa under a blanket looking up and out the window, all I can see is grey. The windows are open a little and I can feel the breeze. Liam's off playing with Queenie and this is the closest to still I've felt for a good month. 
I spend a lot of time gazing out of our window these days. While I wash up of clean my teeth I look over the hills. Two ponies play in a field behind our street. We can't get to them from our road so we watch them from the window in our bedroom (I imagine they gallop along together because they are deeply in love), this is where I also stand with a teething baby at 5am. We watch the sun rise before pottering downstairs to make apple porridge. In the late afternoon, the sun pours into our living room and we lay on the carpet together and read books or play with toys. Out the window the ice cream van sings its way down the street, calling children out for '99 after their dinners. 
My favourite thing about these windows is the light. Our new home is naturally lit all through the day No matter how much I loved the garden flat, it was dark so during the winter my moods were quite effected.
So although this house is like a box, no quirks like our flat, it already feels like home. Little by little we are making it feel more like ours. Each weekend when he gets home, Liam is presented with a list of to do's*.
The village we live in now is really sweet too. I've done a little exploring with Queenie and I'm falling in love. The neighbours are friendly, and the old buildings are so beautiful. I've found some lovely little spots with wonderful views and a little plant shop at the side of the road!
*= His training is almost over. He's done seven of the nine weeks. We can't wait to have him home for good (obviously)

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