Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Almost exactly a year ago, we went to a gig in Cafe Irie to see the delightful Rae Morris. This is where we were first introduced to Frank, the man that is Dueling Kazoos.
Since then we've been to various gigs he's arranged and a pop up art event in falmouth. The pop ups are great evenings, Frank ropes in lots of talented students and arranges various fun stuff, including CD swaps, baking competitions, henna tattoos, and there's the drawing corner, which is where I won a christmas drawing comp. This led to Frank asking whether I would be interested in designing some posters for him. After this and this he asked me come up with two posters for George Ezra. I'm quite a fan of George so I was thrilled to do them.

I went along to the Cafe Irie gig. Liam was away at training so my lovely mama took Queenie and I went along with one of our bestie's, Josh. We had a wonderful evening. Kezia's singing sent me into a bit of a spell. I picked up one of her E.P's and have been listening to it all month.
I confess don't know all that much about the ins and outs of music -when Liam and Josh get talking about melodies and harmonies it all goes straight over my head- but I do know what I like. And I think George Ezra is enchanting. His voice, raw and beautiful, froze the audience into silence. The words are so powerfully thrown out and seem to reach deep to my soul. It was one of those gigs that were so chilled that I just wished I could lay out, close my eyes and dream, as the music plays over me.

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