Saturday, 30 November 2013

Self-confessed glutton

The white Christmas of 2008, perfectly captured by my sister, India.*

Oh dear, what a trying day it has been, but now it's coming to a close so I shall sit alone in the soft light of my lamp and flick through my favourite cookbooks, indulging in the sweet smell of honey cake baking in the oven. With this time of year always comes a refreshed interest in the art of cooking. Warm dinners and hot gooey puddings. Oooh..

It definitely feels like winter now, whatever that entails.
The Christmas season always begins for us once the Truro Festival of Lights happen. Last Wednesday we took Queenie along who "oh wow"ed at every lantern that passed by us.
On Tuesday we had the first frost of the year. We passed through it, relishing in every crunch, not leaving a blade of grass unflattened.
In the summer I said how I'd never particularly loved the season however this year it had gripped me. But I am glad it has passed, because more than ever I am absolutely besotted with Winter. Even the piercing cold winds and dark evenings are bearable with the thoughts of how fresh the weather leaves my skin feeling, rosey cheeks peeking through knitwear. And the excuse of staying in evening after glorious evening, reading a book or watching a murder mystery dvd whilst doing a 5,000 piece puzzle with a flickering candle on the table. Ahh, these silly things are so thrilling to me! And of course I enjoy the appetite that winter brings, the need for indulgence, big rich meals and cheeses and cakes and spices and creams ...please somebody stop me!
The cake is baked for Liam, whose birthday is tomorrow. I cannot wait to spend the day together and eat yummy things all day! Queenie and I have been painting sticking and cutting the last week to make some gifts for him. We're so grateful for this incredible man and all that he does for us, but now I'm getting ahead of myself, more on that later...

*I so hope we get snow. We seemed to be the only ones in the country who it avoided last year. Despite my own excitement, I can't wait to see Queenie's reaction to everything being swallowed in a layer of cold white.

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