Sunday, 11 May 2014

Letting go

Crumble for dinner and weeping wild flowers

So, I'm adjusting to being a mother of two. Somedays better than others. Yesterday not so good. Liam's back to work and it's always worse when he's on late shifts, which I hate.

I went with it yesterday afternoon, let go of what I think I am supposed to be as a mum. We sat in bed and watched Mary Poppins then had apple crumble for dinner. Some days it's ok to go for the easy option. We had lots of cuddles and she lay her head on my knee while I fed Jarvis for the kazillionth time that day. I stroked her hair and she kissed her brother with more patience than I can muster at the moment. This morning as I look back on my day, I pray for more of that, for patience, and for joy, love and kindness. 

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  1. Hello, I've been silently reading your beautiful blog for a while now after spying a post on facebook..this post made me wonder if you've been on the Cornwall natural parenting and slingmeet page on there? I think you'd like it :) it helps me on days like these. X