Friday, 17 October 2014

Josh and India

Setting up the wedding reception and picking the flowers
 The few pictures I remembered to take during my sisters wedding day.

Oh blimey. We made it through the long, busy-yet-beautiful summer and hit hard into autumn. This cooler season has come at a perfect time. Our bodies and brains are exhausted and we are crashing into hibernation mode, surrendering to our aching bones. I've spent a few days rejigging bedrooms to be more comfortable and spacious, as these are the spaces we tend to all be in on a chilled afternoon at home. All snuggled into our bed with piles of books, or building blanket forts with Queenie in her room, before collapsing underneath them with stickers, pens and paper.
Thick socks and multiple layers are a must as well as the hearty meals cooking on the stove. Root vegetables and pulses are soaked in rich spices and piled high on brown rice. Food is voluptuous and helpings are generous. Every last morsel soaked up with bread, we are like wild things, famished. But why so weary, why so utterly spent?

I'm not completely sure. I know the change of any season takes it's toll, and perhaps that from summer to autumn the worst of all. Our summer months were hectic and flew by like a blink, then September was fit to burst. We celebrated three of the best couples coming together in love, in Saturday after Saturday after Saturday. The weddings were all so unique and special. The second was my sister India marrying one of our closest friends, Josh. Liam was best man and Queenie and I bridesmaids. It was an incredible wedding that we'd all worked so hard for and it was absolutely perfect. We ate fantastic food and we danced to a band of old boys playing jazz until the bride and groom waved goodbye and drove away to the hazy world of marital bliss. Liam and I looked upon the love birds and wept with genuine love, happiness and excitement.

And the next day we crashed and wept again with exhaustion. 

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  1. Oh Holly! This was so beautiful; the pictures and the words. It sounds like the most wonderful wedding, I can't believe all those gorgeous flowers, they are memorising! I'm looking forward to the calmer more relaxing months too, it's so nice to be able to breath and eat and draw. Love to you all XXX