Saturday, 15 November 2014

I forgot where we were

A print by Eilidh Gordon, bought at Indias degree show in August. / An unfinished drawing of the all-encasing night sky.

An Ode to Ben Howard's second album.

We drive through the dark, all is still and the music plays, those deep and mystical tones of 'I Forgot Where We Were'.

We stop so I can feed the boy who stirs with a mix of hunger and teething pains. The music plays on and outside is crisp and as black as pitch. And in the blackness, scattered so densely, are the stars. Never have there felt so many. Liam hears queenie wake and wraps her up tight in a duvet before pulling her out to share this moment with him. Together they are lit by a passing car, looking up at this low incasing sky.
"Let me show you something. Look up, see the sky. Look at all those beautiful stars."
"We go to sleep on those stars."
The music still plays on and she holds him tighter.
"We go home now."
"Yeah" he replies and slips her back into her seat.

Back on the road we restart the track, soothing Jarvis' tears into slumber.
This beautiful drive where few words are spoken but after a long and draining week we are drawn back together in the silence. By music, nature and the shared love of two babies, our babies, so perfect and content in their unconscious state.

"Found sorrow 
in my mind most times 
gave it all back to the life i led
but since times changed
it all rolls away
I've got a woman at home
she treats me well"

Emotions are heavy, we are greiving and have just left a week of loving family. This music enchants, soothes and relinquishes us from discussion, so we can rest our weary brains.

I slip into slumber, praying to be a woman that treats him well.

A journey between the stars, October 2014.

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