Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love of course


Here are a few cards I made for a friends pop up art fair a few weeks ago. We had a stall and made loads of crappy (and some good) cards to earn little pennies, and quench our thirst for ginger beer on tap! These folded valentines were inspired by that which John Keats gave Fanny Brawne in Bright Star (and possibly in real life, I just never delved deeper). I like them.

But the card is was fondest of I made last minute and was sold first so I didn't take a photograph. A curvy lady with the words LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE, I SURE DO.

Ladies, gentlemen, lets give a little more love this valentine, to lovers, family, friends, and to yourself! Put on your favourite dress, try a fancy hair do, make the most wonderful indulgent chocolate pudding, and do it to make yourself feel a little brighter*. Because you're bloody brilliant.

*maybe doing it because you want to spoil the one(s) you love is pretty swell too.

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