Thursday, 7 May 2009

Todays Inspiration: Vintage Valentines

It's 12:08pm and I have only just had breakfast. I have a busy day today. I've got heaps of college work to catch up on, I need to make a costume for Grace's birthday party on Saturday. It's a mad hatters tea party and I think I'm going to go as either the March hare,
or The Seven of Spades ( i liked the idea of having paint and roses!)

Either way I have a lot of work to get done! And I also need to finish Grace's birthday present! And wrap it nicely with lace and a card! So really I should be off and working! But, I think that this is an acceptable form of procrastination, as it does come in the form of these beautiful vintage valentines cards! I love the rich colours and patterns. They are truly fantastic! Anyway, I'll stop this chatting and get on with my work and I also need to tidy my room -Sarah said she had an old clothing rail in her attic which I could have, and it's just what i need to hang all my flea market clothes on- so I have lots of sorting to do!

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