Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Its been beautiful weather all weekend. It's a shame because I've been stuck in working and tidying. I've had a mad spring clean. I got some new hangers from Liam and a rail from Sarah and it's meant I can hang up all of my dresses and shirts that were overflowing from my wardrobe. I also sorted out all my winter clothing. I've packed away lots of overcoats and thick chunky scarves and hats and my wardrobe is FULL of jumpers, I had no idea that I owned so many. It will probably rain for the rest of the week and I'll have to drag it al out again, but it's best to start off optimistic!
I've found loads of really neat things I forgot I'd had and also chucked two binbags full of atrocious mess. I ended up tidying almost the whole house, even the attic had a small clear out! It feels so good to have done it, although I should have been doing work really. I've been dreadful at working this term, I keep putting my work off and I need to realise my sketchbook is hardly going to fill itself!
I have been very strong at avoiding eBay though. As I have no job at the moment, all I am getting in is 30pounds E.M.A. a week for going to college, and I really ought to be saving it. I've only just paid off my debt to India for the beautiful floral dresses I got from Liebemarlene. So I can begin saving again. I hate being unempolyed, and depending on everyone else for everything, I feel like such a scrounger.
Liam and I are getting married in 8weeks and four days! eek!! We paid for our honeymoon last night, we're going to Malta! And most of the wedding details are set, all we have to do is find somewhere to live. We're going to move to Truro because its better for work and its not too far away from all our friends and my family. I digress, anyway, so Liam and I are trying to pick up evening work at a hotel for a couple of nights a week to bring in some more dollar. I've even had to hold back from going to the flea markets for the last few months and the cute vintage shop in Falmouth. I'm going to have my first stall in September, I thought my heart wouldn't be in it enough until then because I'm away so much this summer. That also works out easier, I don't have such a rush to sew everything, I can wait untill my course is over an begin to make things when I'm free. I made some gorgeous brooches for Graces Birthday gift, I wish that I had photographed them actually. She was so pleased with them. Here is one I've done for my new projects on SECRETS! I'm going to make heaps of them. In each one they have a secret letter or key or photograph. It's a blurry picture, whoops!
Right I've really got to get back to making some more! xxxxxx

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