Monday, 1 June 2009


Last week was the half term holiday, and the weather was pretty up and down. We spent a lot of the time either watching films or sunbathing in the garden. Then Friday was gorgeous weather, so last minute we decided we (My family and Liam) would go camping just down the road by Polyjoke beach.
We had such a lovely time. On friday, Minnie and I drove up to the campsite early with my dad and set everything up. Then us sisters went for a long walk down to the beach. (photographs above and below are of India-who's wearing my glasses with snapped after being sat on!, and Ruby)
Saturday was even warmer. The heat woke us early, and Liam and I walked around before a yummy cooked breakfast, then drove to Truro to visit a flat we were considering renting. It was a shambles, I loved the look of it from outside, but that is as far as we saw! We waited 45minutes for the woman to turn up and eventually had we just left. Maybe that's God saying its not right, but I did like the sound of it, we'd even have a large garden! The rest of the weekend consisted of sticky heat and lounging around on the beach with lots and lots of suncream!
These are my favourite pictures from the weekend, mainly of the woodland area before the beach. The sun was shining through the trees and it felt cool and dreamily quiet compared to the sweltering energy of everywhere else.

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