Friday, 22 May 2009

Summer's secret kiss

Today has been BEAUTIFUL! The sun in shining, I've got my legs out (maybe that wasn't so beautiful), then Melissa and I found a beautiful area at college with lovely summer flowers and trees and sunshine. So I took a few pictures for my secret den project. And some of Melissa dancing! I feel so positive and I really wanna get my act together and start doing all the idea's my notebook is full of!
This has actually been a really awesome week. Monday, Liam and I got given a new car on monday(God is GOOD!), so drove to Truro for Liam's interview with connexions then we looked at a house, but it was horrible! Then we had a yummy meal with Anna and Jo and watching Darling Buds of May. Then Tuesday, I worked and had a little cycle and then we had Youth group, which Liam lead really well. Then Wednesday I went to college in the day and got loads of work done then we watched Ashes to Ashes. And Yesterday was homegroup in Truro and there were only six of us, but it was really lovely! I feel very at home in the group now and I'm really enjoying it! This weekend is bank holiday and it's RUN TO THE SUN, so town is heaving. We'll probably try to stay far out of town the whole weekend, although I think Liam might like a little look at the V-Dubs.

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