Monday, 22 June 2009


This is my favourite of the envelope badges that I made. I'll put them in my exhibition then on etsy? But I don't know if they'd sell. Would any of you like to buy them?

This afternoon has consisted of rooting through the Truro charity shops for something to finish off Anna's birthday gift. But I was just surprised at how dear Oxfam was! I also spent the morning in the print room, finishing off last sketchbook things, and making a few more screen prints. Tonight we were going to have dinner with friends, but she's not well, so it's been postponed. That's alright though, as I have a lot of work to sort out for tomorrow and could do with Liams help!
I went to the Crantock Charity C.B on Saturday. It was such a disaster! There were five or six fairly bare stalls and a dreadful teenage band playing Stacey's mum. All I got was a flower press and some little silver frames. No fine clothes or china at all! Oh, and some candy floss to lighten my mood on giving up the Mitchell C.B for this.

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