Friday, 26 June 2009

three days

Wednesday was my last day of college, on the bus, and i guess my exhibition looked ok. apart from the fact I was oposite this really crummy piece with a stupid HUGE curtain which made my work look silly and insignificant. All she'd done was scan and print 5, 10 and 20 pound notes. that isn't work! that's illegal. urgh, sorry I'll end the rant. So I felt brilliant to have finished so we went over to see Anna and Jo and to give little phoebe her late birthday present (and anna her VERY late one!). As its her second birthday we got her a collection of big-girl dressing up clothes so lots of scarves and pearls, some heels, sunnies and a couple of handbags. That was real nice.

Thursday was yesterday and was a lazy day. I watched Scarlett's sportsday and then went home to lounge around watching one tree hill and making a patchwork. Actually, I also nipped across the road to the charity shop to buy an old copy to Alice in Wonderland and this book, which will become my new note/sketch/scrap book. so lets see how it goes...
And today, I’m having a good friday.
Really good: I got up early and started sorting through clothes and old art work(dating back to primary school it seems!) and listening to a great worship CD that the Truro girls made for me at my bridal shower. I was shocked at just how many knitted jumpers I have. I've packed three binbags away with some painting clothes and jeans I know I wont be wearing the next few days.

All wedding things seem to be coming together, we bought a lot of wine at the weekend! And I've sorted decorations. The bridesmaid dresses are almost finished altering and mine is ready. I bought it home and I really, really want to try it on. I am so excited now, it's only two weeks tomorrow, I can't believe how quickly it's flown round.

The weekend holds lots of shopping for ties, rings and shoes for Liam. Also we have the car boot tomorrow, and I'm hoping to find some old wooden crates.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. You sound like a busy girl - congrats on graduating and good luck on the wedding!