Tuesday, 9 June 2009


For a new art project, I've been collecting lots and lots of secrets. It's obviously on the theme of secrts, so I've been writing and finding secret letters, and building secret dens. My exhibition is in two weeks and I am in desperate need of just a few more secrets! I like nice secrets, heart warming ones, not destroying, cruel secrets. (If you have any, pleeeease leave anonymously in a comment. It will be MUCH appreciated!)
My favourite one to come up was this;
"Whilst working at a farm park I took a kitten which the owners were being cruel to, and I let them assume it had run away. Happily the cat went to have 14 happy years at our house. This was my secret all the time I worked at the farm."
I just love the bravery of this secret, it's beautiful and makes me feel all warm and cheerful. I'd never expected to get something so brilliant!

Today I am sewing lots of secret love letter badges. Will post up some photographs once they're completed. When My exhibitions up, I might begin making some to put on my etsy.


  1. your blog is really fun! will be back for more..xx

  2. I had a baby when I was a teenager... I had to tell every one it wasn't planed, but at the time, I wanted it more than any thing! Getting pregnant was all I could think about! But, I was in a violant relationship with an older man, so I ended up a single teenage mum... now I want another baby, but can't because i am so scared of ending up on my own again! Still to this day, no one knows that i planed the baby and no one knows how bad it was with my babys dad and no one knows how scared i now am of relationships and how scared I am of being on my own!