Monday, 12 October 2009


This morning through my window I can see actual blue sky. I would love to get up, have a croissant, and then go for a lovely walk. But then I remembered that all our floor space is covered in bodies. Liam's family have come to say. So I'm lying here, trapped, too scared to wake anybody by getting up and walking across the creaky floor boards.
I really need a shower and the toilet but out pipes are so loud i couldn't even do that conspicuously. Liam also left the laptop downstairs among everyone so I'm typing this on the iPhone which is hard with my chubby fingers.

I've been lying here thinking about fabric. One of my favourite places to go is Truro fabrics, it is the biggest and best textiles store in the UK and for years I've been trying to get work there. Finally I was asked for an interview, on Monday. All week I'd had a rotten throat and by Sunday both Liam and I definitely had flu. So the interview was a bit of a disaster, but they were pleased I could be so flexible and said to be confident. When I FINALLY heard back they said they had chosen another girl who was better than me. So I'm a little stuck now.
Although I love being at home, it'd be nice to reel in a little extra cash, and I'm getting a little lonely living so far out of town.


  1. you know my mama is good friends with the people who own truro fabrics as she is a loyal customer and we know lots of the staff if I'd have known I could of maybe got her to have a word but I will mention to her anyway you never know!!XXX

  2. oh lally you are so wonderful! that would be just incredible!
    Lots of LOVE! xxxx