Wednesday, 17 March 2010

sea of souls

I apologise for all my empty promises in each post! I have been very behind on everything. Between building a conservatory, leading a youth group, battling our way through the constant pile of housework, and starting up a business, we are now looking for somewhere new to live! At the moment we're inhabit a little house set in a village consisting of only 12 houses, and we see even less occupants. It started off being really fun and exciting, but after the damp set in, the cold blew through the many windows, and we went days without other human interaction, that soon wore off. So we're on the search for somewhere in town.

In the past week I gained a year to my age, so Liam and I went out on a mission to buy him some gorgeous, well-fitting jeans, and had lunch on the cliffside, followed by a walk through the countryside lanes! Over the weekend we had some friends come and stay, which was wonderful. Saturday consisted of mugs of tea and hot chocolate on the beach, the boys climbing the cliff, a trip to ALDI and feasts of lasagne, birthday cake and chocolates, honey and banana waffles. In the evening, the boys went to our local pub (It is REALLY local-they were scared off after an hour). and us girlies watched an Education which was brilliant. On Sunday they took us out for lunch for a birthday treat, washed down with a bottle of white wine. So lots of food and drink from start to finish, and not much sleep in between!
After they left, Liam and I were too overwhelmed to tidy so decided to make a short stop motion animation!


  1. Hi Holly,you found me through Flickr-so I had a peep at your lovely blog,will have a proper look soon! Do you live in Cornwall?Shevie-paperdolly

  2. Aw, thank you!
    Yes I do! Where are you from?

  3. hollllllyyy I love you. The stop animation is so fantastic, you are such a talented girly !xxx

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