Sunday, 4 April 2010

A new spring in my step!

Today I am so grateful for my family.
I love my gorgeous husband; Liam, my beautiful sisters and my fantastic parents. I am so blessed with great friends in my family.
We had a lovely Lamb roast, then indulged in lemon pudding and rasberry bomb, lots of chocolate (I even managed to get some all up my leg and on my feet - will never touch the stuff again after that!) then cheese and crackers. Tomorrow I start eating healthy..

Had a wonderful week with the inlaws, especialy loved seeing my bestie, Hannah. Had a fantastic time with her in London, and bought a delicious pair of boots!

I hope you've all had a wonderful day, what has your day included?


  1. holly! i am so, so smitten with your letter! i will promise to write back this weekend (i am about to be fun-employed). it was such a lovely letter and i will treasure it always!

    here's to the beginning of a beautiful penpal friendship!

  2. Hi Holly!My name is Blythe and i have been very much enjoying your blog! I agree its so beautiful out today in fact i dusted off the old outside blanket and cushions and have just enjoyed my first cup of tea (and the asos magazine ) in the sunshine in my garden which looks like its also springing into life! Its now after putting my rascal of a son to have his lunch time snooze that i can have a little time to myself and catch up on everybody's news. I'm an Interior Stylist and work for a textile company called Designers Guild, i'm also a free lance wedding florist (www.blythecontemporary and thought you looked just heavenly on your big day. Enjoy the rest of your day. blythe

  3. ginny- I'm so glad you love the letter! Will await a lovely reply!

    blythe- Thank you for such kind words! this summer weather is just what i needed! Glad you are enjoying it also!

  4. Dear Holly, I stumbled across your blog thanks to the lovely Ginny. Adore it! All best wishes, Fleur