Thursday, 1 July 2010


There are so so SO many things going on in my head right now, as well as life things like moving and work, I am overflowing with ideas, plans and dreams, I have so much I want to do, make, create. I feel like a walking jackson Pollock, way too much going on. This is quite normal for me, however right now it feels like way, way, way too much. But maybe that is because I'm not great at feeling unsettled, I like to know what I'm doing, and where I am. I don't like putting our things away. Leaving our first home, and starting fresh in a lovely blank canvas should be an adventure, though I can't see it that way
I think I need to have a break from all the packing (we still have a month left, I just can't sit still, so I've begun wrapping our china in newspaper and fabric, then tucking it into boxes, alongside the suitcases piled full of shimmering clothes. Whilst we sit in our house, trying to work out what to have for dinner, or watch a film, or write a shopping list, these piles loom above us.

On one day, while Liam was away, I begun the packing. I thought it would be good to pack away clothes, some of the dresses I need to alter, our winter woolies; the bits that we wont be needing(which is silly as the sun has left and now I'm shivering in short shorts, and light blouses.)
I clicked on radio 4, and began to relax, it was wonderful, I felt at peace. I stopped a little half way, did a bit of sewing, and continued. Then I found some of our most treasured friends, that had slipped through the bars of our bed. Prudence, Rags, Patricia, Buttons, and our silly little penguin with no name. Of course, we got giggly in our reunion and posed for silly photographs, showing off a couple of my favourite thrifted blouses (also found in the space below the bed). And I like these photographs.

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  1. i love the end photographs they are so sweet and childlike lovely blog!

    Love Rosie