Tuesday, 10 August 2010

blackberry stained cheeks


berry pie

Today has been wonderful. I love hanging out with my husband so much. He had a lazy morning while I tidied this kitchen a little. I decided that to brighten up the flat, we needed some cut flowers! So we walked into town (still a novelty!) do sort some boring things, I saw some flowers, but we had no change. So we decided to walk down to the boating lake, via the house to grab a bag and some scissors. We sneakily picked some gorgeous flowers, then visited the tea garden for tea and cake!

On the walk home we noticed a huge blackberry bush. We picked for ages, and got home and made some delicious apple and blackberry pie! and still loads more blackberrys to make jam tomorrow, wonderful! Also sister Minnie, and cousin Maisie came over for dinner, so lots of giggles!

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  1. Oh that pie looks deeeeeelish! You two are just the cutest, what a lovely day x