Monday, 9 August 2010

a strong red pout

I've just found these silly photographs taken once while Liam was away. I was awaiting his return, I was rather bored, and a little lonely. So naturally, I decided to model some headbands I have made.
After looking through these, I realised how long my hair was. It's grown remarkably over the past three years, from when I had hamster short hair. I stopped dyeing it, straitening it, and took plenty of kelp supplements, until I started getting paranoid and thought my fingers were getting hairy. I tried lots of other hair growing remedies, even sitting under a warm lamp for a while! But I have to say, kelp tablets were the bomb. although discusting, they worked a treat.
pout 002
pout 003


  1. kelp, ey? My hair is so thin, I can't stand it. I can't wear it long because it looks too gross and thin. I'm going to give kelp a try!