Wednesday, 25 August 2010

knitting in my corner

We decided after our youth camping thing, we were way too tired to do anything, especially some spontanious adventure (boring! all we could think about was cosy beds and warm food!) so we came back home and are having a chilled week at home, enjoying Cornwall.
Today begins with a beautifully rainy morning sat in our window sorting my knitting patches. I'm making a blanket, it's been taking years though because I keep losing the squares! It's going to be a very messy blanket as all the sizes are different and wobbly. Some of them are made by me, some by friends, and some are made by Liam. He is actually wonderful at knitting, perfect tension! Have you got any fun projects you are doing right now?
We are going to head into Truro this afternoon to explore the new uneeka store. Have a lovely day!
knitting 002

windowknitting 003

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I'm envious of your knitting endeavours, I've always wanted to learn how to knit something!