Wednesday, 1 September 2010

we booted

Yesterday we did our first ever car boot. It was very exciting. We forgot to take pictures of our stall, but it was pretty dismal, as it was things we really didn't want to keep. We made £10 profit, which isn't very good, but I kept teling people things were 50p because I was too nice. I am happy with this outcome though.
To remember this special day, we splashed out with some of our earnings, and picked up this little chap for 25p. Isn't he adorable?
new friends 3
We also gained some other new members of the family, these plants. The aloe vera is from a lovely friend, and the other is a small cacti, another bargain bagged at the car boot. I've been singing and whispering to them to help them adjust to their new surroundings. I hope they thrive and enjoy being our children.
new friends 1

new friends 2

All in all, we are feeling very happy!

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