Monday, 29 November 2010


Today is Liam's birthday. We had a wonderful weekend, I threw him a surprise birthday party, which was the hardest thing to do, I hate not telling him things! But it went perfectly, he had no idea! I forgot to take any photographs of the night, and everyones incredible costumes (the theme was something beginning with L), but I will try and steal some from friends this week.
Today we were so tired that we just had breakfast in bed, then a walk through the snow, and a delicious lunch at this really sweet place, overlooking the frozen lake. We sat right next to the log burner and laughed at the ducks waddling around on the ice.
Now he is learning chords on his beautiful new banjo, while I water my plants and do some knitting.
Happy birthday to my bestest friend in the universe!

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  1. aww Happy Birthday to him. I would love to be where you live for the SNOW! I hate living on an island where it's summer year round. I love layering and bundling up and drinking tea without burning up.