Saturday, 27 November 2010

first signs

Liam's family are staying in Cornwall for the weekend. They are staying in this big house, so we've decided to join them last night. This morning I woke up to snow! So naturally I woke up Liam and we woke up everyone else and had a lovely walk in the snow.
I can't quite believe how quickly winter has crept up on us!

In no time it will be Christmas! I'm doing lots of knitting drawing and sewing, preparing pressies for all the family! Has anyone else starting making/buying christmas presents? And when is too early to put up a Christmas tree? We were thinking this week?
Photo on 2010-11-25 at 22.24 #3


  1. I love these piccs, beautiful! I am making Josh put the tree up in the 1st! I am too excited to wait, horray for christmasssxxx

  2. oh brilliant! we went over to molevalley to get a tree, but they are too big for our little flat. do you know where you can get cutesy little ones in Cornwall? Horayy indeed! (are you back here at all over christmas?) xxxx

  3. oh dear ! I'm not sure, maybe at a car boot? sometimes they have plants and things? but they might be on now its winter, I'm not sure !
    I am sadly not, cryyy. Josh has work on chrissy eve so I thought I'd be kind and stay with him. However hopefully come the new year I may have time for a flying visit ! xxx