Saturday, 6 November 2010

This evening I have wasted about two hours by putting things on my head. I think I just wanted to show off our new baby. Liam rescued me a little one-eyed, two-tailed, three-legged fur stole. She is so much fun and despite her mutant features, and stagnant perfume, we love her too bits, and have welcomed her into the family. She met our other fluffy critters, and due to her poor eyesight, I don't think she's noticed they're fur fraudsters. 
Silliness aside (well not really..), whilst donning the fur, Liam and I had a good idea for a future animation... keep your eyes peeled. And as these thoughts were forming, I realised there were a few pathetic videos that I never showed you. They will also be here soon. So watch this space! 

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