Friday, 31 December 2010

I've managed to get a few of my festive snaps. Although I thought I had more better ones than I did, it turns out I put most of my energy and iphone memory space into making videos of everything instead.

(this was the outcome of having two 7 year olds come round to make christmas cards, glitter EVERYWHERE!)

These are mostly from christmas day with my family, but a few are pre holidays preparations!
On the 21st(ish) we went and stayed at my aunties beautiful house in Petworth (they had planned christmas in New York, so we stayed there to look after my Grandma and feed the chickens). This meant we were a lot closer to the in-laws, so stayed a while between both houses. Christmas day we spent with my family, eating very well and watching the christmas Doctor Who, which is always a brilliant way to spend a day! We also gave out presents and I got a lovely fur coat, some delightful vintage boots from Liam and some new crochet hooks, as well as much more wonderful things. Then the family all headed over to Liam's parents to eat yet more food and play more silly games. Then after that we had lots of catching up with friends, watching christmas specials on T.V. and eating! One of my friends mistook my brie-filled belly for a baby bump! oops!
So now we are home, my skin has broken out in chocolate induced acne, and my pudding thighs are the biggest yet. So the husband and I have decided to make a pact to stay away from cheese (my greatest weakness) and chocolate (Liam's). However last night for dinner the cupboards were bare so both those things were gussled down, followed with sickenng regret. But actually, lets keep going till the new year I say. Tomorrow the detoxing will begin...

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