Sunday, 2 January 2011

hello '11

Happy new year you beautiful readers!
We spent he night with a couple of friends in fancy dress ( I was Annie Hall and Liams was Alvy(both from Annie Hall). No good pictures of me as Annie, and Liams outfit fell apart so he just dressed basically as himself in chino's. These pictures are of us returning from the midnight fireworks.

I am really excited about 2011. I've decided not to set myself any resolutions this year, as its just a way to make myself feel pretty useless. So I am taking this year with a positive step, instead of thinking about how rubbish I was last year, and trying to change it, I am thinking of the good things I did, and building on them. I don't quite know how that will actually work. But it seemed a good idea in my head (now I've typed it down and read it, I'm not so sure...)

Have any of you decided to make any resolutions? Liam has resolved to crochet me a blanket, which is great news for me! x

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