Sunday, 30 January 2011

morning light
morning light
morning light
morning light
morning light
morning light
morning light
At different parts of the day, the sun shines through different windows and brings me little wonders throughout.
This week has been a very good one. I feel less bluesy. I heard someone saying earlier that being melancholy for a bit is good for us. And I very much agree, it's quite nice to indulge in a little self pity, and winter is the best time for this. I am a complete foodie. When I am low I need cheese, fruits, freshly baked cakes and pastries, roast dinners, overflowing bowls of pasta and veg, but most of all I crave bread. Fresh baked, soft, warm bread.  Soaked in real, full-fat butter. mmmmmmm
Once, again I am digress from the point. Being sorrowful has it's place, but now I feel I need to peel back the weepy eyes, and break forth the gleaming smile!

So -in true Ginny Branch style- a gratitude list:
1. The sun came out.
2. My new art studio space. With a big desk, long shelf and all my things in one place.
3. Thursday I spent the day with Chloe and a graffiti artist, learning how to use spray paint. We pimped up our friends farm wall with pretty girls, and marilyn monroe stencils, and of course lots of hearts. I have some pictures I took on my iPhone and may sometime get round to showing them... maybe.
4. On Friday I made some delicious bread.
5. Because of said studio, I've been inspired to paint again. I have done about seven little watercolours as presents for friends, and one for my new space.
6. Last night, Liam and I visited my favourite family in the world; the Petersens, for dinner and catch up. We watched coach carter, gossiped about girls from school, gorged ourselves silly on jacket potatoes and my -still warm- chocolate banana cake, drank lots of tea and topped it off with half an episode of Take Me Out.
7. I knitted a gorgeous deep red pair of palm-warmers with crocheted flowers and leaves. I am so proud of them. They are for a friend, but I think I may make a batch of them to sell online.
8. I saw my first snow drops of the year, and they were more beautiful than I remembered.
9. It was pay day so we went on a big food shop, and got there just as everything was being reduced so got handfuls of fruit and veg for 19p each!
10. Liam is in the kitchen making me some semolina right now, and I can smell it and it is wonderful.

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