Saturday, 5 February 2011


When I was 11, I started my cactus collection. They sat huddled together in a wide shallow dish. Every few months, Grandma would take me to the garden centre, and we'd pick out a new baby to join my cute prickly family. Eventually, They didn't fit in my room so they got put out on the roof temporarily and thats where they stayed forever. I think one really cold winter killed my poor friends.

Since this I've hadn't trusted myself to ruin the precious lives of anymore green guys. However when we moved to the Garden Flat, I have built up quite a large collection of plants, and I am trying really hard to keep them happy. Here are some, including presents from friends and a few that I picked up from a lovely lady who lives on a farm in the woods. We found her on Freecycle a few months ago, and after a few emails, Liam and I popped over and the gave us a huge bundle of interesting plants including a really tall cactus with teeny spikes, that get lost in your skin and really hurt.

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