Sunday, 10 April 2011


I have been silent for a while, silently watching everything else and not contributing in return. I've somewhat neglected my blog in the last month, and now I feel ready enough to take control again.
A lot has happened in this time away but these things will be saved for another post very soon.
For now I will leave you some pictures of my birthday treats including party food and flowers. I wish I was a little braver to mix the flowers in their jars, and create something new and vibrant. But things got the better of my time and before I knew it, they'd all began to wilt. I am very grateful to friends for them and enjoyed every minute of them. I'm blessed to own these photographs too, to have them forever.

I promise to be more diligent in keeping hollyblues more updated and cared for.


  1. such beautiful pictures, and lovely flowers ! xxx

  2. absolutely love the flower pictures! x

    Haute and Fierce

  3. Your photos are really, really lovely.
    i'm so glad you commented on my blog, coz now i'll be following yours!