Saturday, 21 May 2011


In march, I spent a day over in Truro at Sara's house. We had brunch, a business meeting and played with kittens. I took these with my Minolta(which had a smashed lens, and now the mirror wont flip back so I fear it is far gone.)
About the same time, a friend commissioned me to paint her a big canvas for their kitchen wall. I haven't painted in large scale for quite a few years, so I was really nervous and also had to try and work out what an earth it was I was going to paint. Then when I developed this film, and saw that photograph of Sara (second photo), I knew it was the one!
I've held back these photographs because I wanted to show them beside ones of the painting. I loved painting this way again, it was difficult trying to transplant what I felt was 'my style' from the watercolours I do, into acrylics on canvas. Eventually I came to a place where it was finished. It's had lots of praise but I'm not sure if I like it.


  1. Hol the more I look at this the more incred it gets. The fabric in the right corner is actually so amazing! You are so good, you can't see it when your the one who has done it because you know exactly what you did and so the magic is lost but I want a painting now please. We can do swapsies? Look back at the painting in 2 months and I think you'll like it. This is so beautiful. Love india xxx

  2. Stunning! Beautiful tones and I think you've captured a dreamy sense that is found in watercolour in your acrylic work here!! Success! Xx

  3. what the heck holly?! that is amazing!
    LOVE YOU, Kieran

  4. i love the amazing grainy quality of these pictures!

    <3 steffy

  5. wow that painting is incredible, you have great talent!! :)