Saturday, 7 May 2011


Looking a bit possessed in some really old trousers and a vintage slip. I love reuniting with clothes in my wardrobe and finding they are just what I've been looking for in all the shops. I bought these trousers in a charity shop when I was 16. I wore them round my hips, with a big knitted jumper for painting days at college. My mum loved them, but Liam didn't so much. (I did look a bit too much like my grandpa) so I'd always pull them out when he was away and have really cosy days. But after we got married they got  misplaced at the bottom of a cupboard. I was so glad to find them the other day. This outfit is sooo comfortable and great for my rekindled love for painting!

In other news, I am spending many a day enjoying the new seasons return of carboots. I've picked up some great bits (including this belt for 50p). Other days are working as a secretary/P.A. for a wedding photographer; painting; scrapbooking all our wedding pictures (finally!); and having a maaassive sort out. We are trying to be really ruthless and get rid of things that are useless -and ugly! Will be carbooting them next week with my mama.


  1. Just wondering what camera you use? You always have a gorgeous dreamy effect going on! Love it!

  2. Oh thankyou! I actually use a mix of cameras. Mainly my lovely battered minolta film camera. The rest are taken on my iPhone and these ones were actually taken on my mac!
    I love to pick up old film cameras really cheap at markets and try them all out. Xxxxx

  3. I'm just getting back into the 35mm banter! I just get so impatient! Ha! I got a mini diana F+ a few months back and I'm 4 pics away from developing! Excited! xx